2.2 documentation

Using safe mode

There would be time when you might face problem with Orchestra Platform where an extension might cause a bug and your application stop working. In such event, you can use the safe mode to stop any extension from being loaded during bootstrap.

To do this, just add ?safe_mode=on to your URL (in the browser). This way, we would create a session data to indicate that you are browsing the site in safe mode. Once you have deactivate any problematic/broken extension just add ?safe_mode=off to browse the website normally (with extensions re-enabled).

Missing installation

If you come across situation where your application suddenly when back as it wasn't installed, do check that app/storage contain the correct permission.

$ chmod -Rf 777 app/storage

Unable to assign multiple Memory instance

In any event where the application stop with the following exception Unable to assign multiple Orchestra\Memory instance, it means that for some reason you have multiple call to assign Orchestra\Memory to the same ACL instance.



It would be adviced to have this code included from a service provider's boot() method.

Error on SessionHandler::read()

SessionHandler::read(): The session id is too long or contains illegal characters, valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and '-,'

In any event where the application stop with the following exception. Please rename your cookie name.