2.2 documentation

Orchestra Platform includes a set of helpers function to help solves some of the frequent problem while developing on Laravel.


Return orchestra.app instance.

echo orchestra()->memory()->get('site.name');


Return handles configuration for a package to generate a full URL.

echo handles('orchestra/foundation::users');

// you can also use `orchestra` as an alias to `orchestra/foundation`.
echo handles('orchestra::users');

Above code would return http://yoursite.com/orchestra/users, however if your Orchestra Platform configuration is set to use admin as the bundle handles, the same code would then return http:://yoursite.com/admin/users.

During boot process, Orchestra Platform will automatically set handle for each packages, if specified in orchestra.json to orchestra/extension::handles.vendor/package, this can be modified from the extension configuration page.


Return handles configuration for a resources to generate a full URL.

// To route for a resources you would normally write
echo handles('orchestra/foundation::resources/foo/create');

// this can be shortern to
echo resources('foo/create');


Return memory configuration associated to the request, helper alias to Orchestra\Memory::get().

echo memorize('site.name');