2.2 documentation

Orchestra\Html\HtmlBuilder is a small improvement from Illuminate\Html\HtmlBuilder.

Advise to use this only when manipulating HTML outside of view, otherwise it's better (and faster) to use html.

Create HTML

Create a HTML tag from within your libraries/extension using following code:

return HTML::create('p', 'Some awesome information');

// will return <p>Some awesome information</p>

You can customize the HTML attibutes by adding third parameter.

return HTML::create('p', 'Another awesomeness', ['id' => 'foo']);

// will return <p id="foo">Another awesomeness</p>

Raw HTML Entities

Mark a string to be excluded from being escaped.

return HTML::link('foo', HTML::raw('<img src="foo.jpg">'));

// will return <a href="foo"><img src="foo.jpg"></a>

Decorate HTML

Decorate method allow developer to define HTML attributes collection as HTML::attributes method, with the addition of including default attributes array as second parameter.

return HTML::decorate(['class' => 'foo'], ['id' => 'foo', 'class' => 'span5']);

// will return array('class' => 'foo span5', 'id' => 'foo');

It also support replacement of default attributes if such requirement is needed.

return HTML::decorate(['class' => 'foo !span5'], ['class' => 'bar span5']);

// will return array('class' => 'foo bar');