Orchestra Platform provide all the boilerplate for your application, so you can create awesomeness.

composer create-project orchestra/platform website "3.2.*"

Accomplish more with Orchestra Platform

Built from 28 components that utilize all the best tools available with Laravel and PHP

Laravel Framework

Laravel is simply a great framework to work with, and Orchestra Platform has been developing with Laravel since version 3.2.


Extensions are a much needed improvement to package implementation in Laravel. With one click activation and upgrade (migration and publish).

Database Based Configuration

For any extensions are a solid replacement of file based configuration, stop telling your non-technical client to edit PHP file for any simple configuration changes.


Lets you build HMVC implementation on top of Orchestra Platform. Hook your backend application to Orchestra with just simple API.

ACL & User Management

Lets stop reinventing the wheel and let Orchestra Platform do its magic. If you need something more advanced, there are more than 20 events that you can hook into your own implementation without overwriting Orchestra Platform core file.

Responsive Design

Accessible everywhere, the default theme is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap latest version so you can always access Orchestra Platform.

Orchestra Platform is an admin panel that handles Laravel extensions and user management. Our curation of Laravel extensions provide the boilerplate for any web application development to ensure a speedy deployment using the best tools available on Laravel.

Extensions are Laravel packages that you can enable and disable at will, similar to how Wordpress plugins behave.

Orchestra Packages